Website rebuild underway

We have been so tied up creating fantastic stuff for our clients that our very own website was forgotten about. When we did find time to come back and visit it we found the paint was peeling off the old CSS2 pages, the walls had been eaten away by the HTML4 worms and the whole site was just unresponsive. There was no other choice but to knock her down and start over.

Injected with new and fresh ideas we are now building a shiny new website with solid modern walls made of HTML5 and decorated with the latest in CSS3 furnishings for a modern, more responsive website that better reflects and demonstrates the great work we do in design for print and pixel.

Who are we?

Based in Cornwall, UK we are a team of creatives that like to get knee deep in webdesign, graphic design and printing with one aim, to make you or your company look great. Our team includes a photographer, Illustrator/Designer, Web developer and SEO clever clogs, a graphic designer and a couple of paper pushing types that deal with accounts and telephone calls. We are all here for you.

Who are we not..

We are not in any way shape or form related to Flux 3 the website building software created by The Escapers. We named our company Flux3 waaay before The Escapers hit version 3 of their Flux website building software. Hopefully when they get to version 4 our website traffic will stop getting mixed up. By the way if you're into building websites I recommend you try out their software, its very resonably priced, very easy to use and has been called a "Dreamweaver Killer". If your not, give us a call and we'll build a website for you. 80)

What do we do?

We build websites

All of our websites are built with love using the latest standards with user experience and search engine optimisation in mind. We prefer Joomla as a CMS but we also use Wordpress and Drupal. All new websites are now built using HTML 5 and CSS 3 as much as is feasable for the project.

We design for print

As you will see from our mini portfolio below we dont just mess around with pixels, we also like to play with pigments and paper. With over 15 years experience of design for print we can design a solution for all of your graphic design and printing needs.

We can also print

Having a good working relationship with many trusted printers means we are in a good position to not only offer you great printing prices but also to save you the time and trouble of finding a printer and understanding the technical terms they use.